Australia’s Northern Beaches

This part of Australia is very close to my heart because it is where my dad grew up, and where a lot of my family still live.

But aside from that, it is also a beautiful part of the world with, hands down, some of the best beaches in this world.

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A month in Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s most-visited island. Already a popular holiday destination with Australians, Bali’s natural beauty is also beginning to draw visitors from further afield.

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Top five: Thailand, off the beaten track

Thailand is becoming a bit of a cliché among Brits, its islands and beaches have become a target for the boozing, tanning, holidaymaker, which takes away from some of the amazing things that it has to offer.

Away from the beaches and holiday resorts, Thailand is a fascinating country with rich culture, history and natural beauty. Don’t dismiss Thailand, think about approaching it in an original way instead and you’ll find that there’s more to it than elephant rides and alcohol served by the bucket. Here are my top five, off the beaten-track, Thailand experiences…

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Visiting Morocco

It was hard to leave Morocco after just nine days. For a destination that is so close to the UK where I live, and so affordable to visit, it is incredibly different and exciting.

The weather, the colours and the smells are all intoxicating and the people are warm and friendly.

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