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Why Isla Holbox is the paradise island you’re looking for

The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico has it all: Mayan ruins, thousands of crystal-clear cenotes, beaches, national parks, and loads of attractions and things to do. The entire area is a gem, but I’m drilling down to a particular glint within that gem: Isla Holbox.


What’s it really like to go to a ‘Sparty’ in Budapest?

Would you go to a Sparty in one of Budapest’s famous baths? I recently went to one at Széchenyi Baths while on a hen party (or bachelorette party), and enjoyed it. But it’s not for everyone. I didn’t read up... Continue Reading →

Diving in Rhodes

Two years since getting my PADI in the Philippines, I decided to travel to Rhodes in Greece to practice my diving and get my Advanced license at the same time. I wanted to go quickly as I could feel my... Continue Reading →

Recommendations for Warsaw, Poland

We went to Warsaw for my birthday weekend, motivated by the low costs and the fact that I'd not been to Poland before.

Exploring in your own city – V&A to Somerset House

At this time of year, feet get itchy. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over, travel companies are pushing travel deals and we’re thinking about where we would like to go in 2019. Meanwhile, in London, it’s starting to feel very cold outside... Continue Reading →

Why you should spend a week in Venice

Why not spend longer in one of Europe's top destinations?

10 Years Living in London – Part Two

After 10 years living in London, I decided to share some tips for places to go and things to do that you might not come across in the guide books. I currently live near Dalston, and have lived in various... Continue Reading →

10 Years Living in London – Part One

It’s been 10 years since I first moved to London for university. Admittedly, I’ve been away for periods of time since, whether home briefly while looking for my first office job, or off travelling. Still, London is my home –... Continue Reading →

How to spend a couple of weeks in the Philippines

I'm in two minds about my trip to the Philippines. On the one hand I had some amazing experiences there - finally getting my PADI being the most significant and happy time - and learnt a lot, while on the... Continue Reading →

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