Would you go to a Sparty in one of Budapest’s famous baths? I recently went to one at Széchenyi Baths while on a hen party (or bachelorette party), and enjoyed it. But it’s not for everyone.

I didn’t read up about the event beforehand, but was semi-familiar with the concept as had looked it up during a previous trip to Budapest.

A Sparty is essentially a pool party so, if you like clubbing or a drinking and dancing night out generally, you’ll probably enjoy it. In other words, it was a great activity for a hen do.

However, as beautiful as the baths are in the day, they are not that at night. The main, large outdoor pool was a seething mass of (almost entirely male) bodies. As a group of girls, we were initially a bit uneasy about the ratio.

There’s also the hygiene factor. Everyone gets in the water, and it’s a bit chilly if you don’t since it’s a night-time event. Drinks are spilling everywhere and – honestly – people are peeing in the water as well. You sort of have to embrace the yuk of it all to have fun, but even so, I kept my flip flops on the whole time!

There’s also the cost to consider (high, tourist prices for both entry and drinks), and the palaver of getting in. We’d had some pre-drinks but quickly lost our buzz while queuing in the atrium for an age while waiting to get entry wristbands loaded with spending money.

Having said all that, once we were in there, had our drinks and were in the water, we all had a brilliant time. The music was good, there were fire dancers, and we danced and splashed about and had hilarious chats with tourist from all over. A group of 16 girls, we kept an eye on each other and stayed close together, but before long we were jumping and splashing with the rest.

In conclusion, the Sparty is a tourist trap, a rip-off and it’s 95% male. For some people it would be hell. But, if you like the idea of dancing and drinking in a pool with your mates, then it’s probably for you!

Hen party at Sparty