This part of Australia is very close to my heart because it is where my dad grew up, and where a lot of my family still live.

But aside from that, it is also a beautiful part of the world with, hands down, some of the best beaches in this world.

The Northern Beaches is located just north of Sydney, it begins with Manly, which is fairly well known among tourists, and carries on up the coast to less-visited areas; Warringah and Pittwater. Those that live along the coast do not want the Sydney-slickers to descend on their local beaches – they have a good thing going. The beaches are beautiful, with great surf (apparently, unfortunately I’m too British to appreciate this) and are totally unspoiled.


The nicest things to do on the Northern Beaches are all outdoors. Whether you’re into water sports, climbing or skating, or more easygoing activities like cycling and walking, it’s all about that outdoor lifestyle and physical activity. From cliff-side climbs to beach strolls and wetland walks, the experience is made memorable by proximity to the unique wildlife that makes Australia such a fascinating place to visit. I can’t help but get excited about all the brightly coloured birds, reptiles, and even dolphins, which can be spotted in this area.

Although they’re an active bunch, the Australians also know how to relax and enjoy themselves, and that’s especially true on the Northern Beaches. After working up an appetite, people flock to the public barbeques that are fitted in every open space, cool boxes in hand. There’s also lots of gorgeous cafes on the seafront, catering to surfers and tourists alike. There’s nothing like a good breakfast after a swim and the Aussies do breakfast and brunch very well; from bircher, milkshakes and French toast, to ‘eggs benny’ and pancakes. They also take their coffee very, very seriously – there’s not a Starbucks in sight.


For something a bit slicker, or for big nights out, you might still want to get down to Sydney, but for the sand, surf (and beautiful people) that Australia is famous for, you should look no further than the Northern Beaches.

Have you been to Australia’s Northern Beaches? Would you like to? Tell me what you think 🙂